Data Machina #140

Yesterday, +100,000 people watched live how OpenFiveAI (a team of 5 Neural Networks) won a best-of-3 against a team of top DotA (Defense of the Ancients) human professional players.

If you’re terribly exhausted by the London heat wave and really bored here’s a good read: I’m a very slow thinker [I mean it]

10 Link-o-Troned

1. How Should We Evaluate Machine Learning for AI? A New Way

2. Scalable Bayesian Inference with Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

3. Deepmind’s AlphaGo Zero Demystified

4.  ESPnet: An End-to-End Speech Processing Toolkit

5.  Facebook Grants: Statistics for Improving Insights & Decisions

6.  Processing Petabytes of Data in Seconds with Databricks Delta

7.  Turning Big Data into Knowledge with Metadata @Uber

8. Doing Without Databases in the 21st Century

9. Learning Math for Machine Learning

10. Tensorflow Cookbook, Best Practices and Tutorials

A Pythonista *Experience*

1. A Guide to Restricted Boltzmann Machines Using Pytorch

2. Multiplicative RNN-LSTM for Sequence-based Recommenders

3. Google’s AutoML Killer: Auto-Keras Opensource Automated ML

Scripting aRt

1.  TDAStats - An R Pipeline for Topological Data Analysis

2.  Forecasting Time-series with Multiple Seasonal Patterns

3.  R Functions for Bayesian Stats and Summaries

Love from Julia

1.  Intro to Plots: Powerful Visualizations in Julia

2.  Parallel Julia Sorting Algorithms for Parallel Computing

3.  Diana - Facebook’s GraphQL Implemented in Julia


1. Clojure for Machine Learning

2. The Ultimate Guide to Clojure Collections

3.  A Clojure Library for Personality Modeling


1. How Curalate Uses Scala & MXNet for Deep Learning Magic

2. Scala in Graph Algorithms

3. Solved! Build and Test Spark Against Scala 2.12

data v-i-s-i-o-n-s

1.  Plotmypaws: A Dog Visualization

2. Introducing Deckard for Large Scale Visualizations

3.  Your Friendly Guide to Colors in Data Visualizations

Distributed de-Entangler

1. Highly-Scalable Microservices with Kafka Streams (pdf)

2. From Monolith to Containers to Functions

3. Micro-services and Serverless in Python Projects

Blockchain Über Alles

1. Understanding Digital Tokens (download link)

2. A Tool for Visualizing Transactions & Latency on Blockchains

3.  An Overview to Linux’s Open Source Approach to Blockchain

IoTea - everyThing/anyThing

1.  Custom Machine Learning in Android with Tensorflow Lite

2. Programming Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi

3.  IoT, Face Recognition & AWS DeepLens: Find Missing Persons


1. Predicting Human Judgements with Machine Learning

2. Neural Artihmetic Logic Units

3. CNN Matrix Factorization for Context-Aware Recommenders

Algorithmic Potpourri

1. [free] The Bandit Algorithm Book [pdf, 519 pages]

2. The Limits of Stochastic Gradient Descent

3. Tang’s Fast Classical Algorithm Kills Quantum Computing

Robots & Cyborgs like <you>

1. NASA’s Open Source, Build-Your-Own Mars Rover Robot

2. DeepMimic- Virtual Stuntman w/ Deep Reinforcement Learning

3. Bringing Learning to Robotics: Highlights of RoboticsCon2018

Deep Learning Bits

1. 10 Deep Learning Techniques I learned from

2. Minicourse in Deep Learning with Pytorch

3. Data Science in the Cloud with Dask, JupyterHub & Openshift

startups -> radar

1.  BrainChip - Spiking Neural Nets for Accelerated AI

2. Gamaya - Machine Learning & Drones for Crop Intelligence

3. Connecterra - Machine Learning & Sensors for Dairy Farmers

ML Datasets & Stuff

1.  The Mapillary Vistas Dataset for Street Image Segmentation

2. FLIR - A Thermal Dataset for ConvNets Vision Training

3. The UK NHS 111 Urgent Medical Dataset

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