Data Machina #141

I really enjoyed this long read by Stephen Wolfram, Learning about the Future from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Fifty Years Later

If you’re fascinated by Lego bricks like me, you may like reading Duplo Lego Layouts and Computational Train Tracks

10 Link-o-Troned

1. Program Sythesis: Can We Teach Computers to Write Code?

2. Opensourcing TransmogrifAI: Automated ML for Structured Data

3. Neural Processes: Probabilistic Gaussian Process+Deep Learning

4. Interpretating Probability: A Worthy Enterprise

5. The Exploding & Vanishing Gradient Problem: The Math Truth

6. Moving Beyond Translation with the Universal Transformer

7.  Apache Flink 1.6 - The Next Step in Stateful Stream Processing

8. HugeGraph- A Fast-speed and Highly-scalable Graph Database

9. Faster - A New Key/Value Store, 160 Million Ops per Second

10. MIT Graph Analytics 2018 Course [all the materials]

A Pythonista *Experience*

1. Implementing Distbelief in Pytorch

2. Train & Deploy Machine Learning Models on AWS SageMaker

3. Deep Learning & Geospatial Analytics with ArcGIS & Pytorch

Scripting aRt

1. DALEX: Descriptive mAchine Learning EXplanations

2. Boosting Smooth Trees to Replace CART

3. Machine Learning Interpretability & Features Explanation

Love from Julia

1. Restricted Boltzmann Machines in Julia

2. From Deep Neural Networks to Fully Differential Programs

3. SotA Performance with The Elegant Machine Learning Library


1. Deep Learning w/ MXNet for Musculoskeletal Disease Diagnosis

2. Streams Processing with Redis Streams and Clojure

3. Analyzing World Cup 2018 Match Data with Clojure


1. Automated ML for Structured Data on Spark

2. Clusterfunk - Finite State Machine Clustering in Scala

3. Serializing, Parsing and Pickling Data in Scala

data v-i-s-i-o-n-s

1. Interactive Machine Learning Visualizations

2. A Visual Explorer of Suppor Vector Machines

3. Data Animations with Python and MoviePy

Distributed de-Entangler

1. The Serverless Journey: 10 AWS Lambda Use Cases

2. Kafka-Kit: Tools for Scaling Kafka

3. Serverless vs. Containers

Blockchain Über Alles

1. A Deep Dive into Ethereum EVM

2. A Red Ocean for Smart Contract Protocols

3. Mapping The Decentralized Financial System

IoTea - everyThing/anyThing

1. Respond to Sign Language with Alexa, a Webcam & Tensorflow

2. A Continuous-Bouncing Ball on a Plate with Arduino

3. BrainBox- Visual Programning for Connecting Sensors to RasPi


1. 1st Large-scale Study of Curiosity-driven Learning

2. LARNN: Linear Attention Recurrent Neural Network

3. Deep Convolutional Networks as Shallow Gaussian Processes

Algorithmic Potpourri

1. Geomapping & The Travelling Salesman Algorithm

2. Google Visual Explainers: The Backpropagation Algorithm

3. Timsort — the Fastest Sorting Algorithm You’ve Never Heard of

Robots & Cyborgs like <you>

1. A Cool Robotic Hand with Super Fast Response Time

2. Robo4j - A Platform for Robotics

3. Shoe Tying Robot on a $600 Budget

Deep & Other Learning Bits

1. Transfer Learning in NLP 

2. Deep Learning for Search: Using word2vec

3. Serve Deep Learning Models with Node.js and Express

startups -> radar

1. Insilico - AI for Drug Discovery and Aging

2. Exabeam - AI for Behavioral Cyber-Threat Analytics

3. Re:Infer - The World’s Leading Cognitive Intent Engine

ML Datasets & Stuff

1. The Pwned Passwords Dataset: 518 Million Real Passwords

2. SpaceX RestAPI for Rocket, Core, Capsule, Pad, & Launch Data

3. The Rain, Snow, Fog (RSF) Dataset for Training CNNs

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