Data Machina #144

I love fractals. I still remember the first time I generated a fractal. I really enjoyed reading My Journey into 3D Fractals.

I felt like I run a knowledge marathon ater attending Spark+AI Summit London You can watch all the 126 sessions here.

10 Link-o-Troned

1. A Guide to The Machine Learning Engineering Loop

2. Unveiling Mathematics behind XGBoost

3. Embeddings @Twitter

4. [perhaps] The 25 Best Data Visualizations of 2018

5. Open sourced: MS infer.NET Bayesian Inference Framework

6. Serverless Machine Learning with Tensorflow.js

7. Stanford Seminar - Computing with High-Dimensional Vectors

8. Introduction to Probabilistic Programming (pdf, 218 pages)

9. Online Experiments & Bayesian Optimization @Facebook

10. [early access ebook] Model-Based Machine Learning

A Pythonista *Experience*

1. skpro- A Prediction Framework for Probabilistic Modelling

2. MS Neural Intel Net: A Toolkit for Automated ML Experiments

3. fastai v1 PyTorch: Fast, Accurate, Modern NNs Best Practices

Scripting aRt

1.  Statistically Sound Data Preparation for Predictive Modeling

2. Databricks MLFlow with R

3. Boosting Smooth Trees for Pricing Optimization

Love from Julia

1. Turing.jl - A Universal Probabilistic Language in Julia

2. Introduction to Sparse Data & Word Embeddings

3. Nearest Neighbor Descent in Julia 


1. Clojure, Mental Focus & Machine Learning

2. Running with Scissors: Live Coding with Data

3. The MiniMax Algo in Clojure (using Reduce)


1. Just Enough Scala for Spark Programmers

2. fs2 - Functional Streams for Scala

3. VEGAS: The Missing Matplotlib for Scala Spark

data v-i-s-i-o-n-s

1.  A Python Library for Decision Tree Visualization

2. Visual Analysis & Comparison of London Property Market

3. A Map of Every Building in America

Distributed de-Entangler

1. Kubernetes for Personal Projects? No thanks!

2. Designing Events-First Microservices

3. Spark Streaming + Kafka: An Integration Story

Blockchain Über Alles

1. Is Proof-of-Work a Waste?

2. Blockchain is a Semantic Wasteland

3. MIT How Blockchain Works - A Visual Demo

IoTea - everyThing/anyThing

1. Whisper Detection in Alexa with a RNN-LSTM

2. An Upgrade Strategy for Embedded Linux Systems

3. ESP8266 Based Project for Securing Hotel Rooms


1. Probabilistic Tales: Discriminative, Descriptive & Generative

2. BERT: New, State-of-the-Art Language Representation Model

3. FashionNet: Personalized Outfit Recommendations with DNN

Algorithmic Potpourri

1. Wikipedia Web Crawler & PageRank Algorithm Implementation

2. Multi-Armed Bandit Implementation in Python

3. Advisor - Hyper Parameter Tuning for Black Box Optimisation

Robots & Cyborgs like <you>

1. Atlas Robot Does Parkour Like It’s Easy [we’re all going to die]

2. ros-win: Robotics Operating System (ROS) in Windows 10

3. What Happens When a Drone Hits an Airplane Wing?

Deep & Other Types of Learning Bits

1. Uber Petastorm: Open Source Data Access Lib for Deep NN

2. Practical Guide to Hyperparameters Search for Deep Learning

3. Hands-On Transfer Learning with Python

startups -> radar

1. - MMO Arcade Games for Artificial Intelligence

2. PlateRecognizer - Auto License Plate Recognition as a Service

3. - Fast, Open GPU Data Science Pipelines

ML Datasets & Stuff

1. Standford Clothing Attributes Dataset for Computer Vision

2. Harvard Unicorn Intrusion Detection Dataset

3. The Optical Illusion Dataset

Postscript, etc

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